With the multitude of different drug abuse treatment choices out available, you may be overwhelmed with what type of addiction drug abuse rehab best suits your needs. Substance abuse addiction is a crippling disease that requires professional treatment and support. View Amphetamine Detox, Methadone Detox, Benzodiazepine Detox, and Heroin Detox resources. Illinois drug detox clinics will be able to aide you or your loved one fight addiction. Since treatment is an important expenditure for your health, we give you a complete drug and alcohol detoxification center directory so you can make the best and most informed choices. To review all of your substance abuse treatment possibilities, call our helpline and receive the information and support that you need to make the best decision for your recovery.

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Substance abuse and dependence affect individuals nationally, resulting in a rise in physical and mental health problems, as well as financial, occupational, and interpersonal consequences. Illinois residents aren't exempt from problematic alcohol and drug abuse, with many state rates of usage like those of the national averages. Consider the following 2015 statistics concerning Illinois substance abuse among individuals aged 12 and older:

  • Around 36,000 people reported using heroin
  • About 5.8 million people reported past-month alcohol usage.
  • Almost 650,000 people had an addiction to alcohol.
  • 194,000 individuals reported past-year cocaine abuse.
  • An estimated 1.3 million people reported using marijuana in the last year.

The good news is that more people are registering for alcohol or drug abuse treatment. In 2015, on a single-day count measured by SAMHSA, 44,616 individuals were registered in some form some form of substance addiction therapy, an increase from 2011. Additionally, in one day count in 2015, 13,559 people were registered in opioid treatment programs which dispensed methadone, a rise of over 1,000 individuals from 2011. Still, there are lots of individuals who forego addiction therapy, which can be risky considering the harmful and potentially dangerous consequences of use.

When exploring your treatment alternatives, you might find it useful to write a record of queries. You can then call each treatment facility separately and get an idea about which one may be the ideal fit for you. These questions may include:

  • What credentials do the team members have?
  • Are there private or shared rooms?
  • What is the policy on people?
  • What types of treatments do they use?
  • What is the Cost of the program?
  • Do they create individualized treatment strategies?
  • Do they take nutritional supplements and, if so, which aims?
  • Do they offer any scholarships for low-income individuals?

If you have determined that you want to enlist in a recovery program but you're unsure of what sort of treatment you'd prefer, you may want to phone us. Our team of support specialists can be found to take your call.

Where Can I Find Assist?

Insurance coverage is not the only method to cover your addiction therapy. Lots of people without insurance Can finance their recovery through a number of options, such as:

  • Payment strategy: Some recovery programs will probably work with you to make a funding program where the cost of treatment could be paid punctually.
  • Sliding scale: Many lower income individuals may qualify for low treatment prices based on their income level.
  • Crowdfunding: You can make an online campaign in which family, friends, and strangers may donate to help fund addiction treatment. You could be surprised how much you are able to raise from people who want to see you get the help you want.
  • Resources at Illinois

    There are a number of resources available to somebody suffering from a substance dependency, whether it be a web site or a telephone number. If you are looking to quit abusing alcohol or drugs, you may want to check out the following resources:

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