With the multitude of different drug abuse treatment choices out available, you may be overwhelmed with what type of addiction drug abuse rehab best suits your needs. Substance abuse addiction is a crippling disease that requires professional treatment and support. View Amphetamine Detox, Methadone Detox, Benzodiazepine Detox, and Heroin Detox resources. Montana drug detox clinics will be able to aide you or your loved one fight addiction. Since treatment is an important expenditure for your health, we give you a complete drug and alcohol detoxification center directory so you can make the best and most informed choices. To review all of your substance abuse treatment possibilities, call our helpline and receive the information and support that you need to make the best decision for your recovery.

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MT Substance Abuse Facts

In 2014, there have been over 240 million prescriptions written for opioids from the United States'more than one prescription for every American. In Montana, the health care costs related to opioid use in 2015 totaled more than $49 million dollars.

A 2015 drug and alcohol usage survey found that:

  • Roughly 1,000 Montana residents age 12 and older said they had used heroin in the last year.
  • More than 5,000 individuals were enrolled in a substance use treatment system in Montana.
  • Of these in rehabilitation, over half were receiving treatment for both drug alcohol usage.
  • Nearly 5% of all adults said that they had serious thoughts of suicide in the past year.

If you are struggling with substance abuse, it is important to understand that you're not alone.

Getting Addiction Treatment Help

A number of factors put someone at higher risk for developing an addiction to alcohol and drugs. However, professional treatment can help treat addiction so you may start building a wholesome, healthy life.

You are able to begin researching treatment centres throughout the country using our directory of programs. There you will find centers offering inpatient and outpatient services, evidence-based therapeutic procedures, plus a range of amenities. If you discover a center that looks like a fantastic fit, it is possible to give us a call to learn more about how best to enroll in a program.

Where Else Can I Find Help?

Once you realize you have a issue, it is important to seek help as soon as you can, even if the cost of treatment is more than you are able. Most rehabs accept medical insurancecoverage, so check with your provider to see if they offer coverage for addiction treatment. If You Don't have insurance, you will find other ways to cover the cost of rehab, including:

  • Sliding scale charges: Many facilities adapt their fees on a sliding scale basis so that you pay exactly what you can afford.
  • Funding plans: Some treatment centers permit you to make monthly payments in your schedule fees.
  • Healthcare credit or charge cards: Some companies offer credit or credit cards designed specifically for healthcare costs with low interest rates, and that means you can pay the sum back on a program that fits your finances.
  • Crowdfunding: You can begin a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to use treatment through online platforms like GoFundMe.

Resources at Montana

The state of Montana provides many tools to assist local residents receive the attention they need. There are also nationwide programs that are devoted to helping people find a rehab facility.

The Montana Medicaid program provides healthcare coverage for qualified Montana residents. Go to their site to see whether you're qualified and also to enroll in the program. The state's Chemical Dependency Bureau features a range of useful resources that will help you research rehab programs.

Other useful sources include:

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